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Bricks Breaker Quest game Android

Bricks Breaker Quest game release date by 29, Oct 2017. Bricks Breaker Quest game now updated version is 1.3.20 and February 28,2023. Bricks Breaker Quest game size is 38MB. Bricks Breaker Quest game Android Version OS is 4.0+ above. Bricks Breaker Quest game is offered by mobirix.

Game details :-

Addictive at first. The moment you start winning early in the stages (when you need to clear out boxes), the game decides it will not allow you to start at the same angle and therefore ruin your chances of finishing the game. I am at lv 647 and it is absolutely tnot worth the frustration of literal hours, days, and weeks over one stage. If they ever allow people to play a fair game, I'll come back; otherwise I highly advise others to choose a different game.

This game is one of the best from Brick Breakers. I am still getting familiar with it, yet, I liked it from the start. Minimal ads and ads can help along the way. Thank you for the high rewards thru Tapjoy, which is a fave, in Add It Up. It came at a perfect time!

Used to enjoy this game. it recently to pass some time. There were no ads before. Now there are ads after every level once you get past a certain point.

I enjoyed the game at first. But there's too many ads. Every level I get an ad. Even going to the main menu or restarting a level triggers an ad. Some of the levels glitch towards the end. You have no choice but to start all over.

Its awkwardly satisfying to my wife and I its like how popping a big thing of bubble wrap he an i couldn't ask for anything better besides less adds i get adds every game an half of the games i would get 2-3 ads in succession after one game is done it'll make me watch ad i even have the ads removed by premium... But it could be awesome if the fans of the game could make custom ball peices that would be really cool an have the gems for it like 1000 or 1250 it would definitely make me pay for it.

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