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Car Driving School Car Games Android

 Car driving school car games is developer by Spark Game Studios. Car driving school car games update in April 3, 2023. Car driving school car games is version is 2.34 and game size is 55MB. Car driving school car games release date in September 16, 2019. Car driving school car games version OS is 6.0+ above

Game Details :-

It's a Great game overall, smooth, and the graphics and car physics are okay, I like it a lot, It's pretty basic, but I have a Few Issues. -Why advertise something that isn't there( No manual transmission) -When Driving in first person, the mirrors don't work -The Brake simulation is a bit much, the car goes from 100-0 in 2 seconds

I don't like it because is soo hard to stop and go and is no fun and i can't even do anything myself is always telling me what to do.

This game is very high levels graphics very nice and gear is good and the handle is very smooth. This deserves 5star.

I had a bad experience, The game wasn't as shown in pictures,car stability is bad. If the devs want a higher review next time I suggest don't lie and make the game like the pictures or take screenshots in game then put those on the pictures area.

This game really soo much amazing and nice. Its look like a real driving. My first experience. Thanks to make game. Its break and handle door are perfect game and enjoy.

My experience is very good at first but when I'm trying to open the game it's doesn't. Fix your game bugs. And handling is also not so seem real. all the indicators are good and graphics also very nice but your game doesn't open it shows black screen. why??? please fix all the problems and bugs than i will try it later because I deleted this game only using for 2 hours.

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